Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year beginnings...

Happy New Year G&K fans.  Ree and I hope that this finds you safe and well (and if in Oz, not melting).

The New Year is a time of new beginnings, new adventures and new opportunities.  As part of of goals for the coming year, Ree and I have decided to make the Internet and all that goes with it, one of our priorities for the year.  As you may have guessed, neither of us is 100% Internet savvy but we are willing to learn. So...

I've always enjoyed viewing my friends photos that they post on FB and other social Media sites as part of "Photo Challenges."  It got me thinking (dangerous I know),  "What if I took part in one and posted the photos on our FB and blog pages?"  Gets me in the habit of using both pages regularly and sharing the day to day of G&K.

This is the plan:
1. Find a Photo Challenge to be part of -DONE (I've joined the FatMumSlim Challenge
2. Let all the G&K peeps know- currently in the process of being DONE.
3. Take photos using the prompts every day and load to FB.
4. At the end of each week, load the photos to the blog.
Good plan. Now to do it.

Today- the view from here.

Stay tuned...
Kate xxx

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me !
    Happy New Year Gus&Kitty.
    Look forward to seeing you soon x