Monday, 18 June 2012

Global Headquarters

Ask Maree and I where we do our sewing and have done since before the dawn of time, and the answer is always the kitchen table. We have tried to set up in other areas but there was always a snag in the plan, babies need rooms to sleep in, family members return from overseas and need to reclaim their bedroom. Both more than valid reasons but it leaves us back at the kitchen table. In a two bedroom town house and a busy family home, kitchen tables just aren't the answer.

We searched for a solution and there was really only one answer, Maree's lounge room. There were just a few things that needed relocating, couch, washing, kids toys etc.

And so the transformation began.

And slowly but surely, global headquarters began to take shape.

Then we moved in. More like I moved my sewing equipment and fabric and...

Then finally it was done. We even have an office area.

There was no excuses left. The sewing really needed to begin in earnest. As the newly appointed art work reminded us, "Just get on with it!"

Kate xx

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  1. Great work ladies - lookin' good! Liz T from madebytimpano X