Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Letterbox Love

I am yet to meet someone who doesn't love getting a parcel in the mail. As a child, there was always a parcel in the letterbox, one for my brother and one for myself, wrapped in brown paper, tied with string and the unmistakable handwriting of my grandmother. I knew from then on my hands would have a very toasty winter tucked away in their hand knitted woolen mittens. Even as an adult I still love the parcels from my Gram that contain a woollen goodie.  

These days parcels are wrapped in special post bags that don't seem to have to same feel but often contain the same excitement. Ordering things over the Internet may have taken some of the surprise I remember as a child away , but it certainly does increase the anticipation factor. Sellers will often give you an estimated day of arrival and I long for the days to go faster. More often than not the anticipation is quenched and the surprises returns when parcels arrive early. Australia Post delivers the goods again! ( I know that they are very unpredictable.)


Over the last week, my little one and I have fallen in love with our letterbox. He, because now he can pull himself up to standing using the slots and gaps for the letters, and me, because there have been so many bundles of love waiting for me.


The first bundle, I must admit, filled me with terror and made my blood run cold, a letter from the Department of Justice. Luckily Maree was close at hand to catch me should I faint. But it was all in vain! The letter was our Business Name Certificate of Registration. Needless to say, there was much jumping and squealing and shaking of hands saying, "congratulations partner!". Poor little man had no idea what was going on but was happy to join in.


The next day just as prosperous. When we first checked the letterbox there was nothing in there but upon further inspection, TA DA!!! A small box tucked in the corner. Our business cards had finally arrived. And they are just what we wanted.

And a few days later, a little business purk for two stationary addicts. Custom pens and post-it notes. They make official business "business" look good.


Hope you are all having a craft-tastic week. If your near your letterbox in the next few days, give it some love. You never know what little treasures you're going to find.

Kate xx


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